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London is a hub of entertainment and creative foods for travellers and food lovers hoping to try new cuisines. There is no better welcome to the United Kingdom than enjoying chips and fish in a place distant from the sea. Remember to visit the following location for an enjoyable fish and chips cuisine in London:

1. The Chipping Forecast

The hotel that once sat at the heart of Berwick Street and now in Notting Hill is among the best places to find fresh fish and chips in London. Enjoy fish from the Cornwell. Besides, find Asian slaw and curry sauces to compliment your plate of fish and chips at the Chipping Forecast.

2. Hook

If you are looking for seafood permitted by the Marine Stewardship Council, do not hesitate to visit the Hook. A variety of dishes served in breadcrumbs, fat chips, and basil tempura coatings will quench your craving for fish.

3. Every Fish Bar

Enjoy the best foods at a hotel whose signature dish remains the fish and chips, the Every Fish Bar. The hotel situated in Harrow specializes in traditional cuisines and a fusion of African and Caribbean foods. They get their fresh fish from Billingsgate.

4. Fish House

The Fish House serves a variety of clients in the Victoria Park Village. Anyone looking for a restaurant or a takeaway fish and chip hotel can visit the Fish House for creative fish menus such as grilled swordfish and pan-fried hake fillets.

5. Fish Lounge

If you are in Brixton, you should check out the Fish Lounge for fabulous cuisines. The hotel’s mainstay you can enjoy after a night out includes fish and chips. You can complement it with chicken or burgers. Enjoy your meal in a neat sitting area if you do not prefer takeaways.

6. Golden Hind

Marylebone residents have enjoyed a century of services from the Golden Hind hotel. If you are looking for chunky chips served with fish choices such as steamed salmon and fried cod, visit this hotel.

The Bottom Line

While others consider chips and fish a side dish, many travellers and tourists view it as a mainstay with a vast option of sauces. Besides shopping and enjoying the city’s culture, take the culinary journey to the above hotel to experience what London offers!