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Annesley Abercorn

Personal Hobbies

Annesley Abercorn is a distinguished London-based philanthropist, communications strategist, and patriot. 

With an extensive background in fundraising, consulting, and public service, Annesley is passionate about giving back to his community and ensuring all individuals are provided with the opportunity to grow and make a positive, national impact.

For the past four years, Annesley has dedicated much of his time to the Dream Ball, a gala he founded and organises annually to benefit the Big Change charity. Founded by Princess Beatrice, Big Change is committed to improving the lives of underprivileged young people by identifying the root causes of their problems and tackling them through mentorship, providing opportunities for growth, and opening access to mental health care services to aid in building healthy habits now and throughout the rest of their lives.

The Big Change’s mission statement resonates deeply with Annesley Abercorn, as he has personally experienced instances of where young people have not been found by a solid mentor; thereby making it all too easy for them to stop pursuing his education and abandon their potential altogether. Annesley is now passionate to ensure no other child faces such unfortunate circumstances in his community and beyond.

Outside of his work with the Dream Ball, Annesley spends his free time enjoying eating out, exploring new cuisines, visiting traditional pubs and learning of their rich histories, visiting the theatre, and choral music. Additionally, Annesley Abercorn is passionate about collecting classic British vehicles, whether they be classic London taxis, double-decker buses, or even some vehicles that hold meaning to Annesley personally.

For example, as a child, Annesley was involved in a traumatic and life-threatening road accident, in which he was knocked down by a car travelling 30 miles per hour on his way back from purchasing an ice cream from a van that frequented his neighbourhood. Thanks to the incredible NHS, he was able to survive the injuries that had been inflicted by the horrific incident. In 2008, Annesley was reunited with the ice cream truck from the scene and, ultimately, added it to his collection of classic British vehicles.

To learn more about Annesley Abercorn, his passion for different cuisines and his love of all things British, be sure to visit his blog page. If you are interested in catching a glimpse of Annesley’s collection of classic vehicles, visit his gallery page.

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