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London is the sprawling capital city of the United Kingdom, with its long and rich history crowding every nook and cranny. Some buildings are hundreds of years old, and space is still at a premium. However, there remain quite a few parks and green spaces to escape the noisy crowds of the city. Here are a few to take a quiet break from exploring all that London has to offer.

Hyde Park

Next door to Buckingham Palace is one of the largest parks in London. Smack dab in the middle of the city, this escape from the hustle and bustle has plenty of green space to get lost in. Looming skyscrapers from downtown jut out over the top of the swaying and luscious sentinel trees. The wide paths of the park wend around The Serpentine, where beach chairs can be rented to watch royal swans paddle through the peaceful waters. The perfect place to pass through during a walking tour of London.

Regent’s Park

One of the smaller parks in London, but what it lacks in size make up for beauty. Crossing a footbridge across the lake, in the park’s centre lies Queen Mary’s Rose Garden. Roses of all colours and variety are lovingly cared for in this oasis. The fragrant smell of the delicate flower filling the nose before they are seen—one of the quieter and more reflective parks in the metropolis.

Battersea Park

Hidden away on the south side of the Thames is one of the most underrated yet diverse parks. This park appeals to all ages and activities with large open fields, sports courts, playgrounds, and bike paths. Upon entering the park, the sounds of the city immediately die away, filled with the quiet and peaceful tranquillity of this welcoming green space.

Hampstead Heath

The largest and most natural green space in all of London, Hampstead Heath feels like being in the English countryside without leaving London. Rolling hills give way to tree-covered trails, perfect for a romantic stroll or a walk with the dog. In the summer, swimmers can be seen training or playing in the public bathing ponds nestled in the lea of the hills—a transportive park experience.

*Please be mindful of Covid-19 protocols while out in public.