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Over the years, Britain has been involved in the production of many fantastic films. Everyone has their definition of what makes a film good, with some people preferring heartwarming storylines while others enjoy stellar acting or unusual camerawork. The following are just some of the best films that are guaranteed to become one of your new favourites. 

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

An iconic parody of Arthurian legend, this 1975 comedy continues to make people around the world laugh. With jokes that still feel fresh and relevant today, this delightful blend of absurdity and political commentary is an excellent introduction to British humour.

Don’t Look Now

Filmed in 1973, this film continues to influence filmmakers around the world. With stellar performances from Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland, this adaption of a Daphne du Maurier novel has groundbreaking filming techniques.

The Queen

Starring Dame Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II, this film looks at the British royal family’s reaction to Princess Diana’s death. It provides insight into a unique political institution while showcasing masterful acting.

The Red Shoes

Based on a classic fairytale, this 1948 film has a stunning blend of beautiful dancing and influential filmmaking. Underneath the cute ballerina themed dance sequences is a surprisingly dark and tragic story.

Notting Hill

This charming film is routinely voted as one of the top romantic comedies of all times. Starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, it sensitively portrays a moving romance. Grant portrays a bookshop owner in idyllic Notting Hill while Roberts plays an A-list actress looking to escape her everyday life. 

Distance Voices, Still Lives

Get a glimpse of British working-class lives with Terence Davies 1988 masterpiece. This film follows quiet events like weddings and nights at the pub to create a moving and truthful portrait of a family.

The Third Man

The noir film follows a man trying to uncover the hidden forces behind the death of an old friend. Its combination of strong visuals and mind-twisting thrills makes it truly exciting to watch.

The King’s Speech

This Oscar-winning royal drama dives deep into the life and relationship of King George VI and his speech therapist Lionel George Logue who helped George VI overcome his debilitating stutter.