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London has long been one of the world’s top travel destinations, but there are other places worth visiting that are within a short distance of the British capital. Taking a day trip from London offers visitors the chance to see other parts of Europe without straying too far from the city. Here are some of the best day trip suggestions from London.


The city of Bath can be reached in roughly 90 minutes by train from London and features some of the most excellent examples of classic Roman architecture. The town gets its name from the Roman Baths that were built centuries ago and unearthed after many years of nonuse. Sally Lunn’s Tea Shop and Restaurant has been serving teas, pastries and delicious meals since the 15th century and is where the Sally Lunn bun was invented. It’s also possible to go on a city tour and be taken to other places of interest such as the Jane Austen Centre and the Botanical Gardens.

The Cotswolds

These off-the-beaten-path villages seem to be stuck in time and are reminiscent of classic British hamlets. Local landmarks around these villages include Chipping Camden and Stow-on-the-Wold. Bourton on the Water is sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the Cotswolds” and is also worth seeing. People who want to visit the villages can take a 90-minute train ride or drive two hours from London.


No visit to England would be complete without seeing this fascinating and mysterious landmark. Tour buses are available to take visitors from London to Stonehenge on a trip that usually lasts just over two hours. Existing since prehistoric times, this series of standing stones continues to capture the intrigue of onlookers. Numerous herds of sheep can also be seen grazing in the adjacent fields and add further charm to the attraction.


It’s even possible to take a day trip to a foreign country while visiting London, and many tourists enjoy going on excursions to Brussels, Belgium. A train travelling underneath the English channel can take passengers from St. Pancras Station in London to Bruxelles-Midi station in less than three hours. While in Brussels, visitors can grab a delicious waffle from a local waffle house and head to landmarks like the Grand Place and the Mannequin Pis statue.

Many beautiful places lie just beyond the London city limits. Taking a day trip from London is one of the best ways to spend time on vacation.