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The city of London boasts some of the best restaurants in Europe, not to mention the entire globe. The culinary world is a notoriously cutthroat industry as old restaurants flame out, new restaurants never find their footing, and consumers tastes evolve. This leads to a steady stream of newly opened restaurants for customers to review and adore. The competitive restaurant market in London comprises of everything ranging from brunch spots to fine dining outlets. Here are three of the best new restaurants in London to take note of in 2019.

1. The AOK Kitchen and Bakery Restaurant

The AOK Bakery and Restaurant is located at the heart of Marylebone in London. This restaurant has a flush finished complete with flower ceilings and silk wallpapers. The outlet is designed to attract high-end fine diners with a particular taste for new cuisines, both in London and beyond. The restaurant primarily features foods that are free from refined sugars and that are on the healthier side.

The AOK restaurant serves everything ranging from brunch to dinner. For brunch, diners have options including pancakes served with maple syrup and berries, breakfast tacos, sweet potatoes, and feta frittatas among others. For dinner patrons, standout dishes include honey roast salmon, BBQ lamb chops, and linguine with Crab.

2. No. Fifty Cheyne

The No. Fifty Cheyne restaurant is a landmark in Chelsea, London. The restaurant has quickly become popular due to the expanding Chelsea population, especially couples, football enthusiasts. The crowd, in general, tends to skew towards the younger side. Inside, the restaurant has a reserved and private ambience; the staff is charming, well-trained, and highly experienced across the board. The luxurious interiors, chandeliers, ceilings, and flowers add to the restaurant’s polished feel. The cob chicken breast, wild sea bass, and cured mackerel rank amongst the most popular dishes.

3. The Goring Restaurant

Frequented by the royal family since its 1910 opening, The Goring is a staple of London’s fine dining scene. People are eagerly awaiting the opening of a more casual option compared to its main dining hall. Led by famed chef Nathan Outlaw, it’s slated to open to the public in summer of 2019, but the exact date is yet to be released.